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 Custom Paint-Airbrush and Pinstriping Classes!!



  -   We offer a diverse selection of custom paint classes   designed exactly for what you are wanting to learn, or improve on.

  -   Our beginners class is an introduction to airbrush artwork, pinstriping or graphics.

  -   Advanced classes cover a variety of techniques including -  

-Automotive Graphic Design

-Lowrider Graphics/ Murals   

-Pinstriping/Lettering & Leafing

-Realistic Skulls 

-Realistic Fire/Flames      


  -   Supplies and tools are provided including airbrush rental         -   All classes produce a completed project to take home!

   -Call to schedule & design your class-      702-666-3869

       (Ask about our annual Discounts!)                 Eric Bossert

                                                                                  Class Instructor     

-Beginner Introduction Class- $250  -3 to 4 Hour Class-Smaller panel or other media.  

-Beginner Class w/-Equipment Set-Up Course- $500 -5 to 6 Hour Class- Smaller panel or other media. 
-Intermediate Class- $800 -7 to 8 Hour Class- 12x18 inch Aluminum Panel.
-Intermediate to Advanced Class- $1000 -9 to 10 Hour Class- 12x18 inch  Aluminum Panel. 

-1.5 to 2 Day Advanced Class- $1,200-$1,500 -8 to 9 Hours Per day- 18x24 inch Aluminum Panel.

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