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Range of Services We Offer- And Basic Pricing Guide.

In a world of Kustom Paint, we offer a wide range of services that cover all aspects of this diverse industry. Everything from a simple color change or graphics to -Airbrush artwork & murals--Pinstriping & Leafing and specialty paints & products.  


Creating Your Custom Design

      -   If you are starting your custom project with your own design, or need help with design ,please give us a call at 702-666-3869 to get an exact price quote or set up an appointment.         -   The pictures and descriptions shown are a few examples of our design process.  

      -   Most projects that require either airbrush art & pinstriping , or graphics artwork, start out as basic/rough ideas and are developed & fine tuned through a series of rough sketches or tape layouts. We also provide color sampling & matching.

      -   Starting out with a general sample sketch or picture of your project will allow us to fine tune things like placement, size, and color of your concept or idea.                                                                  

      -   With a finalized rendering of your idea brought to life, we can provide you with an exact price estimate and turn around time to complete your project.                                

      -   Here are a few examples of before

and after, working through the design 

process. In the first picture above, with

the tank, fairing and fender is an example

of laying out the design/graphics on the

vehicle or project to see the exact size

and placement. From here we can make

any necessary adjustments.



      -   In the next example with the flying

eyeball, some elements were eliminated

from the first sketch as we worked through

the design process.

          These sample sketches aren't meant

to be a perfected work of art, as you can 

see below the final artwork is where we 

focus our time and effort.







































    - Learn how to airbrush and pinstripe

   this and more at one of our Custom

Paint Classes. Call to sign up for a class

at 702-666-3869 or click Here.-


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                            CUSTOM                             PAINT



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